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Ron Honyouti
Born at Keams Canyon, Ron Honyouti has spent most of his life at Bacavi, on the Hopi reservation. He began caring at age 12, after being initiated into the Kachina society.

His father, Clyde, carved while herding sheep and since he did not have access to other materials while in the pasture, his carvings were “one piece” not adorned with feathers, etc. This began the family practice. His older brother, Brian, was the first to use stains rather than paints to color his dolls. But, none of the family can surpass Ron for the beauty and fluidity of his dolls. He believes that once he begins a piece, he must finish it for each have a soul and spirit that must be respected.

In 1985, he was a recipient of the Fellowship Award given by the South Western American Indian Association. Since then he has won numerous awards and is a regular part of Santa Fe's Indian Market.

Navau Kachina (Velvet Shirt)
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