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Rainy Naha
A Tewa, member of the Spider Clan, Rainy Naha is part of the prestigious Frog Woman-Feather Woman extended family, her paternal grandmother was Paqua Naha (First Frog Woman) and her mother was Helen Naha (First Feather Woman). Born the third child, she grew up in the Talahogan/Jeddito Valley and attended Polacca Day School at First Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. A graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Archaeology, she originally worked in the Four Corners area.

Eventually she returned to the Talahogan Valley to combine her interest and education in Archaeology with her skills as a potter to become one of the nation's finest artists in clay; she is particularly noted for her black and red designs on white pottery. Her pieces are hallmarked with a feather and Rainy.

hummingbird vase
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