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Tom Bennett
Born in Roseville, California, Tom Bennet is the survivor of the famous Bennett identical twins, both renowned sculptors. The brothers began creating distinctive welded sculpture in 1969, welding coathangers into wire sculptures in back of their gas station. They “graduated” from coathangers to bronze, built a foundry to produce, and opened galleries to sell, their limited edition sculptures. Their works have been collected by presidents, the Vatican, movie stars, and more. By the late 1990's they decided to divest themselves of the production and sales aspects in order to concentrate full-time on their art, but sadly, Tom’s brother Bob passed away in April, 2003.

Tom’s limited edition bronzes begin with the creation of welded metal sculptures which are then taken through the many stages of production by the artisans at the foundry. Each of his sculptures is then given final approval by Tom and signed, numbered and certified as a Bennett creation. The fact that he retains total approval of the foundry process, assures collectors that each work maintains the high standards set by the brothers from the very beginning of their career.

12" tall
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